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Reviewing Answer Summary
The hideable Summary panel lets you review at a glance all the answers you have provided so far in the process of answering questions.
At the top, the Summary panel displays the current configuration ID and item price information. Item price is updated each time you answer a question. You can customize the Questionnaire settings to specify which type of price information you want to see.
The summary panel includes a running summary of questions and answers you have supplied for each functional group. You can click a question in the panel to access it, making it easy to locate a question and navigate in the questionnaire.
Viewing Question Rules
If a question has rules, a question mark icon displays next to it. Move your cursor over it to view its rules.
Note: The configuration questionnaire shown in QAD CSS does not display the question mark. Therefore, if question rules are needed to be shown, the question rules need to be in the question description.

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