Configuration Questionnaire > Configuring Item > Customizing the Questionnaire
Customizing the Questionnaire
You can customize whether to display certain elements in the questionnaire and how they are displayed.
To customize the questionnaire, click the Customize icon next to the message bar in the Configure Item screen. A Customize screen displays. Change the settings and click OK to save your changes.
Note: Display settings only apply to the Questionnaire window you are currently working in. Your customized settings are not saved when you exist Questionnaire.

Customize Screen
Show temporary questions
Specify whether to show temporary questions in the questionnaire. Temporary questions are automatically answered by QAD Configurator according to rules. The default is No.
Show background questions
Specify whether to show background questions in the questionnaire. Background questions are those that always have default answers and do not need to be answered by the user. However, users can manually answer background questions and override default answers. The default is No.
Show question type
Specify whether to display long questions and answers or short questions and answers in the questionnaire. Short questions and answers are displayed by default.
Show low level questions
Specify whether to show low-level questions in the questionnaire. Question levels are determined by question dependencies. A lower level question depends on the answers to a higher-level question and cannot be answered before the higher-level question is answered.
Yes: Low-level questions appear on the questionnaire. You can specify the number of levels to display. The default is 100.
No: Only the first-level questions appear.
Show all options of feature
Specify whether to show all feature options. If this setting is selected, the excluded options, which are not available to select, can be seen as dimmed. If this setting is not selected, you cannot see the excluded options. Select the setting if you want to facilitate diagnosing configuration errors. The default value of the option is inherited from the setting of the current configurable item in Configurable Item Maintenance.
Show price info
Specify whether to show price information for the item being configured. Price is not displayed by default.
Note: If your transaction currency is different from the domain currency, the system converts the price from the domain currency and displays it in the transaction currency.
Price type
Choose the type of the price to be calculated for the item being configured.
Pricing method
Specify the method to use to calculate and display the price of the configuration.
Absolute: The item price is calculated by adding up the prices of all the components in the item based on configuration answers.
Relative: The item price is displayed as a price variance relative to the default item price.
Reprice the configuration
Specify whether to reprice the configuration when you load an existing one. A configuration’s price is the cumulative sum of the prices of all its components. Since component prices may change over time, repricing a configuration recalculates the price based on the most current component prices.
When a configuration is repriced, existing price lists are updated. The system does not expire existing price lists and create new ones.
Always Reprice: By default, the configuration price is always recalculated based on current component prices.
Prompt for Reprice: When you load an existing configuration, you are prompted to reprice the configuration.
Don’t Reprice: The configuration price is not recalculated; the original price stored as part of the configuration is used.
Create variant item on
Specify whether you want to create variant items on the item level.
After you complete all the questions, click the View Summary button or the Configuration Summary tab to proceed to the next step in the item configuration process.