Administration > Importing and Exporting Data > Loading QAD EA and QAD Configuration Data
Loading QAD EA and QAD Configuration Data
Select Import to load data from data package files into the QAD EA and QAD Configurator databases respectively.

Model Import
File Name
Specify the name and location of the package (.pkg) file to load data from.
Select a database to load the data to. Select the EA database first when importing a model.
The load process first deletes all associated item, product structure, and routing records in the database, and then loads data from the package file to ensure exact data duplication.
Before deleting associated records and loading data into the QAD Configurator database, the load process also performs these steps:
1 Configurable item locking. The system locks the configurable items in question, so that no one can start a questionnaire while the load is in process. If the user tries to start a questionnaire in a group that is being loaded, a message displays showing that the configurable item is currently unavailable.
2 QAD EA data comparison. The QAD EA data is compared against the data in the data package. Item masters, product structures, and routings are all checked to ensure data consistency. If any differences such as missing item masters, components, or operations are detected, an error report is generated and the process stops. Correct any discrepancies.
Once the data comparison has passed, the system determines if there are any users currently processing questionnaires within the groups being loaded. If active users are found, the Active User Manager appears, showing which users are currently active and prompting to cancel the load or wait until no user is active. If you choose to wait, when all users have completed their questionnaires, the load process automatically continues.