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Deleting and Archiving Configurations
Use Configuration Delete/Archive to archive and/or delete existing configurations.
Each time you complete the questions in the questionnaire and click OK, QAD Configurator generates a new configuration in the database, containing all the answers to the questions for the configurable item. The configuration is created even if no variant is generated. As a consequence, the configuration table in the QAD Configurator database can grow rapidly.
You can use Configuration Delete/Archive to archive one or more configurations to a file for later use, or permanently delete configurations from the set of configurations available in QAD Configurator.
The variant product structure generator in the questionnaire uses configurations to create variant items. After you delete a configuration, this configuration is no longer available for creating a variant or for selection with the unique configuration key.

Configuration Delete/Archive
Enter the configuration IDs of the particular configurations to be transferred or deleted.
Specify the variant numbers that correspond with the particular configurations to be transferred or deleted.
Warning If you do not enter any configuration IDs or variant numbers, the system archives and/or deletes all the available configurations in the group.