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Maintaining Configurations Manually
Use Manual Configuration Maintenance to manually enter and maintain configurations.
A configuration consists of answers to all the questions relating to the configurable item.
QAD Configurator uses configurations in two ways:
For creating a variant from the configurable item
For selecting existing variants with the same configuration description
Selecting existing variants reduces the number of variant items that are created in the QAD EA item, product structure, and routing tables.
When you run the questionnaire and answer the questions with the same answers as in a previous configuration, QAD Configurator does not create a variant. The Configurator uses the existing configuration and thus limits the number of variants being created. This can significantly reduce the effort and the time involved in creating the variant product structure.
It is possible that there can be items in the QAD EA item and product structure tables that are valid variants. But these items were not created using the QAD Configurator questionnaire and variant creator. These variants do not have a configuration description—that is, a configuration—in QAD Configurator and can never be selected as an existing variant. Using Manual Configuration Maintenance, you can create this configuration description afterwards and link it to the item in QAD EA.
Note: Make sure that the variant that is linked to the manually created configuration is an item in QAD EA. The variant cannot be a configurable item in QAD Configurator, because a configurable item can never be a variant of another configurable item.

Manual Configuration Maintenance
The variant field shows the variant item number for the manually maintained configuration that has been most recently accessed. The configuration ID, status, date, and time are shown in the frame below this field. Details of the questionnaire answers that make up the configuration are shown in the feature/option list window.
To select another configuration to maintain, you can either use the navigation buttons in the button area, or you can click the Browse button to the right of the Variant field. The system displays a screen where you can select the required variant item, using filter fields in the top part of the screen to narrow the search.
When you have selected a manually maintained configuration, you can modify it by changing the answers to the questionnaire questions in much the same way as when using the questionnaire. If you no longer require the configuration, you can delete it by clicking the Delete button. The system displays a message prompting you to confirm the deletion.
For variant items created from questionnaire configurations, you can browse the configuration, modify descriptions, and add comments.

For Variant Item Created from Questionnaire Configuration