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Maintaining Standard Configurations
You can use Standard Configuration Maint (50.4.10) to get standard configurations that are shown in the Standard Configurations screen of the Questionnaire. To set an existing configuration to a standard configuration, select the check box above the configuration ID of the existing configuration.

Standard Configuration Maintenance
To use Standard Configuration Maintenance,
1 Select a group using the binocular button on the toolbar.
2 Specify a configurable item in the Configurable Item field; the system displays all available configurations of the configurable item for you to choose.
3 Browse through all available configurations; you can also use the search capabilities to search for configurations that meet your search criteria.
4 Select the check box above a Configuration ID to set the configuration as standard. You can set one or more standard configurations.
5 Click Save.
After you have standard configurations, the next time you use Standard Configuration Maintenance, the standard configurations are shown first, followed by non-standard configurations.
Note: Standard configurations are not customer-specific.