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Using Placeholder Component
In this scenario, the business is faced with broad product structures; the product structures include a huge number of possible component items (or non-configured sub-assemblies) on one or more levels.
To deal with the situation, you can create a multilevel configuration with a placeholder configurable item where a component is then inserted.
1 Associate a placeholder component with the wanted product structure.
2 Make the placeholder component a configurable item of type BOM.
3 Define a feature that has the item number of the to-be-associated component.
4 Set up Variant Item Number Rule with element Feature and select the feature that you defined in the previous step.
5 Assign the item number to the new feature, which can be an item browse, a manual entry, an external entity lookup, or any other lookup or calculation.
See Rebuild for Multi-level Configurations to see more information about multilevel configuration.