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Dealing with a Large Number of Feature Options
In this business scenario, an item has many features and each feature has a huge number of options. If you put all those options on the questionnaire, there might be system performance issues.
In this case, you do not need to list all the feature options on the questionnaire. Instead, you can define the features as the fill-in type and let question respondents enter free-format answers or select answers from the associated browse.
Example: A product has 20 features; for some of these features, each feature has more than 100 options. Instead of listing all these options on the questionnaire, for features that have many options, you can select Allow Fill-in and define browses for them. Take the feature country as an example.
1 In Feature Details, select Allow Fill-in and define a browse for the country feature.
2 In Feature Options, define two country names that question respondents frequently select; for example, Australia and China.
Then on the questionnaire, the respondent can select either of the frequent answers, or enter a desired country name, or select a country name from the browse.

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