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QAD User Interfaces
The QAD user interfaces include the QAD .NET User Interface (QAD .NET UI) and the Character User Interface (character UI, or CHUI).
The QAD .NET UI provides a common framework for multiple QAD applications. This framework, based on Microsoft .NET technology, has excellent performance and provides best-practice usability and deployment features, as well as extensive ways for users to adapt the UI to their preferred work style. Because the UI is based on Microsoft .NET technology, it incorporates familiar UI metaphors, reducing the need for users to learn how to navigate QAD applications. This guide discusses using QAD .NET UI features such as programs, browses, and process maps. The administration and configuration of the QAD .NET UI are described in Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface.
The QAD .NET UI is the primary interface to QAD Enterprise Applications.
QAD Character UI
The character user interface framework is based on Progress technology, and navigation and data entry are by keyboard only. You can run many Standard Edition applications in either the  .NET or the character interface.