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User Interface Management Programs
Several user interface management programs are intended primarily to let system administrators modify various aspects of the user interface. Most of these programs are provided on the System Interface menu (36.4). The System Interface menu contains programs that control menus, screen labels, messages, multi-language installations, and help. You can set up user function keys, define your e-mail system, and specify login scripts.
System interface functions also include programs for creating browses and associating them with fields and programs, and managing stored browse data. In addition, you can also define alternate programs to execute when menu items are selected and specify programs to be run from other programs.
For customization purposes, you can set up user-defined fields for both non-component and component-based programs.
Many of these functions are described in User Guide: System Administration. Browse maintenance is described in this guide, and customization procedures are described in Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface (Configurable Screens) and User Guide: QAD Financials (Design Mode).

System Interface Menu