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Security Considerations
The system supports role-based access control. A role is a permission list of application resources to which a user can have access. If an application resource is listed in a role permission list, then a user who is a member of the role has access to that resource. Otherwise, the resources do not display on the menu. This means that the appearance of the UI varies depending on the specific permissions that you have been assigned. System security also determines which workspaces are available after you log in. If you have access to multiple workspaces, one is defined as the default and is used during the initial login.
The login process can also be affected by security settings defined by the system administrator in Security Control (36.3.24). For example, if single sign-on is enabled, you are not prompted for a password during application login except when you first access the system or when you change your password.
See User Guide: QAD Security and Controls for a description of the different types of security you can apply to QAD menus and functions.