QAD .NET User Interface Overview
QAD .NET User Interface Overview
This section includes the following topics:
Introduction to the QAD .NET UI
Introduces the QAD .NET User Interface (UI).
Main Window
Describes the main .NET UI window.
Main Menu Bar
Explains the features of the main window in the QAD .NET UI.
Accessing Application and Interface Help
Explains the features of the main menu bar.
QAD Assist
Explains how to use QAD Assist to search the documentation.
QAD Guide Me
Describes the QAD Guide Me feature.
Applications Menu
Describes the menu for finding and opening applications in the QAD .NET UI.
Favorites Menu
Describes how to use the Favorites feature in the QAD .NET UI.
Applications Area
Describes the features of the area where applications (programs) are displayed in the QAD .NET UI.
Status Bar
Describes the status bar in the QAD .NET UI.
Navigating the User Interface
Describes how to navigate the QAD .NET UI.
Describes how to use dashboards in the QAD .NET UI.
QAD Messaging
Describes how to use QAD messaging to send messages in the QAD .NET UI.
Screen Calendars
Describes how to use screen calendars in the QAD .NET UI.
QAD .NET UI and Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts
Lists the keyboard shortcuts you can use with the QAD .NET UI.