QAD .NET User Interface Overview > Introduction to the QAD .NET UI
Introduction to the QAD .NET UI
The QAD .NET User Interface (UI) provides a common framework for multiple QAD applications. This framework, based on Microsoft .NET technology, has excellent performance and provides best-practice usability and deployment features, as well as extensive ways for users to adapt the UI to their preferred work style. Because the UI is based on Microsoft .NET technology, it incorporates familiar UI metaphors, reducing the need for users to learn how to navigate QAD applications.
Starting the QAD .NET UI
To launch the client, select the QAD Applications icon or menu item under Programs on the Start menu.
Login Window
When you start the application, the Login window is displayed.
Login Window
Complete the following fields:
Enter your user ID.
Enter your password.
Log on to
Choose the system environment you want to log in to from the pull-down list.
After you complete the login screen, the QAD .NET UI main window displays.
When security has been defined in Menu Security Maintenance (36.3.10), you can see only the menu items to which you have access. However, access to menu items can also be controlled by the menu extension configuration file. For more information, see Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface.