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File Menu
File Menu
The File menu commands include:
Log off from all applications running in the QAD .NET UI. After you log off, this command changes to Login. This lets you log in as another user without closing the QAD .NET UI. To close the QAD .NET UI, use Exit, not Logoff.
Page Setup
Define page settings for print output, such as margins and orientation. The Page Setup options apply only to browses. For example, if you set the page to Landscape, this setting has no effect if you print a maintenance program screen, but it does take effect if you print a browse screen.
Print Preview
Generate a preview of browse data for the active screen so that you can verify that it is correct and make adjustments before printing.
Open the print dialog so that you can print the data for a browse or the screen for other programs. You can also click the Print icon in browses.
Program History
The section below Print displays the last six programs that you have opened. You can choose to open one of these programs directly from this pull-down menu.
Close the QAD .NET UI and log off any open applications.