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Tools Menu
Tools Menu
The Tools menu commands include:
View administrative information and set personal options for browses and other application settings. For more information, see Options Menu.
Settings the user cannot configure are viewable from Help|View Configuration.
Internet Properties
Update the same settings that display when you select Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. See the help provided with Internet Explorer for details about these options.
Delete History
Delete the following data:
Temporary files: Internet Explorer cache and IE cookies, and cached resources created for the current configuration.
Session information: the graphical state stored by the GUI persistence manager. Also deletes user input, such as last configuration, last workspace, most recently used menu items, and credentials.
User preferences: preferences set in Tools|Options.
Log file data: the client log file (QAD.Applications.log)
Manage Workspaces
Activate and deactivate workspaces from a list.

Manage Workspaces Dialog
Use the Filter On and Filter fields to select specific workspaces in order to change their status.
There is only one primary workspace in each installation. The primary workspace is indicated by the read-only Primary field.
The Enabled field indicates which workspaces are visible and selectable in the Workspace menu, and you clear this field to hide individual workspaces.
Only one workspace can be active for the current session. To change the active workspace, select the Active field for the workspace you want to use.