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Accessing Application and Interface Help
You access context-sensitive help for application programs and fields by pressing F1 within the program or field, and also through the Help Menu option.
The Help menu has the following options:
Use this option to search the default help about programs and fields. You can filter the results for only program help, field help, or both. (The Search feature is implemented with the QAD Assist component. See QAD Assist.) Additionally, links provide access to the online QAD Document Library (, Support, and Copyright information. The QAD Document Library hosts QAD user guides, administration guides, installation guides, training guides, and technical references.
Application Help
This option displays context-sensitive help when your cursor is in a program field. Pressing F1 also displays context-sensitive help.
View Configuration
This option displays QAD .NET UI configuration information for use by system administrators.
Send Error Report
Use this option to save or send an error report. You can view the report, which includes QAD .NET UI configuration information and log files. You can then enter additional information about what you were doing when the problem happened. Optionally, you can enter your e-mail address and send a screen shot. Finally, click Save to save the error report or Send to send it.
This option displays QAD .NET UI version and system information. Further, it provides access to installation details and the QAD .NET UI log file. Click Details to view configuration information about QAD .NET UI components. Click View Log to view the QAD .NET UI’s log file (QAD. Applications.log).