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QAD Guide Me
The QAD Guide Me feature provides immediate mouse-over descriptions of fields in both component and non-component programs. The feature is disabled by default.
Note: Field help for non-component based programs is also displayed by pressing the F1 key when the cursor is positioned in the field.

QAD Guide Me
Click the More... link to display an extended description of the field, and the Edit link to edit this description in Field Help Maintenance.
Note: The Edit option is only visible for users who have access to Field Help Maintenance.
Enabling QAD Guide Me
The QAD Guide Me feature is enabled in the following ways:
By setting the Guide Me option in Tools|Options to Enabled: True
By setting the Guide Me parameter in the client-session.xml file to True
By adding a parameter to the shortcut path for QAD Applications on your desktop
You can disable the feature by changing the above settings to false or by disabling the Guide Me plugin in the client-bootstrap.xml file.
These options are described in Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface.