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Menu Item Options
To access the options available for each menu item in the Applications Pane, right-click on the item. The options can include the following:
Add To Favorites
Adds the menu item as one of your favorites. Menu items identified as favorites are displayed in the Favorites Pane. For more information, see Favorites Menu.
Collapse Menus
Returns the Applications area display to list only the top-level folders.
If a program, gives you access to the Configurable Screens feature. This option is only available for selected programs and only available to administrative users with access to the configurable screen feature. If a collection, gives you access to Browse Collection Maintenance or Menu Collection Maintenance. If a process map, launches the Process Editor.
Note: Configurable screens are described in more detail in Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface.
Displays details about the menu item in a pop-up window. For more information, see Properties Window.