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Favorites Menu
The Favorites menu is a custom menu you can create using menu options or drag-and-drop techniques.
Favorites Menu
Adding Favorites
You can add favorites in the following ways:
Right-click a menu folder or menu item in the Applications menu and choose the Add to Favorites option. The menu appears at the bottom of the list in the Favorites area.
Select the menu folder or item you want and drag it from the Applications area to the Favorites area.
Drag-and-drop URLs from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to the Favorites area, where the link will be saved as a favorite.
Drag-and-drop an item from the file system (for example, from Windows Explorer) to the Favorites area, where a link to the item will be saved as a favorite. You can drag-and-drop programs (executables) as well.
You can add a menu more than once.
Note: When the Left Navigation Panel Style option in Tools|Options is set to Listbar, you cannot drag-and-drop menu items from the Applications area to the Favorites pane.
Because favorites are stored on the server, when you log on to the system from a different computer than your usual client computer, you will still see your favorites. Additionally, having your favorites on the server makes them immune to any disk problems that might occur on your client computer.
Warning If several users share the same user ID, Favorites storage files can be corrupted.
Organizing Favorites
You can organize your favorites on your client screen into folders and subfolders, rename menu items and folders, rearrange the order of folders and items, and remove menu items you no longer want.
To organize menus into a hierarchy, right-click in the menu space and choose Create New Folder. You can then drag the folder to any position and drag menu items or other folders into it.
To rename or remove a menu item, right-click the item and choose the option you want. You can also display properties and go into design mode for enabled programs.
To change the icon of a menu item, right-click the item and choose Change Icon. Browse to a graphics file and select it.
To collapse the display of all open folders, right-click any item and choose Collapse Menus.
When you right-click a folder, you can also create a new subfolder within the currently selected folder.
You can launch a group of menu items organized under a folder together. Right-click on the folder and select Menu Collection. The folder icon changes to a collection icon. Click on the icon to launch all the functions at the same time.
Note: If you copy a browse collection to favorites and then modify the collection without using Browse Collection Maintenance, you can no longer edit that updated browse collection using Browse Collection Maintenance. Favorites are stored locally and collections are stored on the server.
Setting Auto Start
You can automatically start any favorite menu item when you log in to the QAD .NET UI. For any menu item saved under Favorites, right click the item and select Auto Start. With Auto Start selected, the menu item starts automatically when you next log in. Favorite menu items that start automatically are displayed in bold. With the exception of process maps, you can have more than one menu item start automatically. To disable this feature, right-click the item and deselect Auto Start.
Only one process map should have Auto Start selected. Having multiple process maps with Auto Start selected will launch the Process tab but the display will be blank. If you have multiple process maps in only one folder under Favorites, you can select Auto Start for multiple process maps in that folder, but only the first process map with Auto Start selected in that folder will open. If in that folder you include a sub-folder with one or more process maps set to Auto Start, the Process tab display will be blank.