QAD .NET User Interface Overview > Applications Area
Applications Area
The programs you choose to run from the menu display in the applications area of the QAD .NET UI. You can open multiple programs and organize them in different ways.
You can have multiple instances of an HTML program or browse open. For example, you can have multiple instances of Sales Order Browse or Sales Order Maintenance open. However, you can have only a single instance of a character screen, process map, or help window.
Tab Views
You can click a tab to activate it or click the “x” on the tab to close it.
You can use the keyboard to navigate through open programs. Ctrl+Tab displays a list of open programs you can select from, with focus on the next window. Ctrl+Shift+Tab displays the same list with focus on the previous window.
Click Close All to close all the tabs or click Close Others to close all the tabs except the currently active tab.
Horizontal and Vertical Layout
You can create additional tab groups in either horizontal or vertical layout. Right-click any tab to display the tab options.
Click New Horizontal Tab Group to split the screen horizontally and move this program to the new area.
Click New Vertical Tab Group to split the screen vertically and move this program to the new vertical area.
You can only create groups of one type. After you have created the first vertical group, the option to create a horizontal group is not available; the same is true after you create a horizontal group. However, you can create as many of one type of group as you want. When multiple groups exist, other options to move to the next or previous tab group display when you right-click a tab. Use these options to move programs from one screen area to another. You can also simply drag programs where you want them.
You can create multiple horizontal views of a browse by dragging the border indicator located above the horizontal scroll bar on the upper right side of the browse view. Similarly, you can create multiple vertical views of the same browse by dragging the border indicator located on the left of the vertical scroll bar. Creating multiple horizontal and vertical views of a browse is useful when working with a large browse that is difficult to view in a single pane.
Move Tab to New Window
You can have a tab detach from the Applications area and display in a new window. Right-click the tab and choose Move Tab to New Window or enter Ctrl+F11. To move a tab in a separate window back to a tab in the application area, enter Ctrl+F11.