QAD .NET User Interface Overview > Navigating the User Interface > Using Non-Component Based Screens
Using Non-Component Based Screens
Because non-component based screens are a rendering of the character UI, you can navigate these screens using the same keyboard commands, which are described in Character User Interface. You can also use mouse clicks to select fields and enter data.
Screen Navigation Bar
To help you navigate complex screens, the QAD .NET UI includes a navigation tool for selected programs.
Screen Navigation Bar
If the program opens in  .NET UI mode, a navigation bar is displayed along the top of the screen indicating where you are as you proceed through the program screens. For example, the screen for Purchase Order Maintenance includes a navigation bar indicating the parts of a purchase order: Header, Tax Info, Lines, and Trailer.
The Screen Navigation Bar option in the Desktop section of the Options menu (choose Tools|Options) specifies whether your QAD .NET UI client displays the navigation tool.
Entering Data on Screens
Many fields display a small magnifying glass icon. This indicates that a lookup is associated with the field. Click the icon or use the Alt+L keyboard shortcut to display the lookup. The lookup lists valid values for the field.
A drop-down list is displayed when only a few values apply to a field.
Logical fields represent Yes and No choices. These display as check boxes on HTML screens. A clear check box indicates a No value; a selected box indicates a Yes value.