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Screen Calendars
When you click the pull-down icon next to a date field, a calendar tool is displayed. You can also use the Alt+L keyboard shortcut for this option.
Use the calendar to choose and insert a date into the active field. You can use the keyboard or your mouse to navigate this calendar.
Using the keyboard, use the Tab key to move the cursor through the calendar. Tabbing begins with the arrows at the top of the calendar.
With an arrow button selected, press the spacebar to display previous and next months and years as shown in the figure. Press the spacebar when a date is selected to enter that date in the date field.
Using the mouse, click the arrows for the next and previous months or years; then click the day in the displayed month to insert it into the active field.
You can select a date on the calendars without using the mouse. To do so, launch the calender, then use the arrows to get to the date you want. Use Enter to choose the selected date. Use Enter again to submit the frame.