Programs in QAD .NET UI
Programs in QAD .NET UI
The QAD .NET UI lets you use programs using advanced features of  .NET technology. This section describes using programs in the QAD .NET UI.
This section includes the following topics:
Using Programs in the QAD .NET UI
Describes the features of programs in the QAD .NET UI.
Using Reports and Inquiries
Describes how to use reports and inquiries in the QAD .NET UI.
Using Fixed Assets Programs
Describes additional navigation features in specific programs.
Using Product Structure Maintenance
Describes additional navigation features in specific programs.
Recording Program Actions
Describes how to record program actions in the QAD .NET UI.
Saving and Browsing Drafts
Describes saving and browsing drafts in component-based functions.
Extended Program Button Labels
Describes how to use extended program button labels.
Creating Custom Links
Describes how to customize the interface by adding links on a program screen that let you access other programs.
Sending Program Links by E-mail
Describes how to send QAD .NET UI program links in an e-mail.
Entering Transaction Comments
Describes how to enter transaction comments on programs such as Sales Order Maintenance, Purchase Order Maintenance, and Work Order Maintenance.
Using Terminal Mode Screens
Describes features of programs in Terminal mode, which emulates the Character UI.
Programs in Terminal Mode Only
Lists the programs that are only available in Terminal mode.