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Go To Menu
The Go To menu for non-component based programs such as Purchase Order Maintenance displays the Add Link option. Use Add Link to create links to other programs using User Tool Maintenance (36.20.4). The links you add display on the Program Links drop-down.
Add Link Selection
They also display when you right-click a program screen. See Creating Custom Links.
Go To for Component-Based Programs
Go To also displays links for component-based programs but in a different way. It displays commonly used views and reports that apply to the record you are currently working with.
Go To behaves differently depending on whether the current field has data in it:
If the field has a value, Go To invokes the View activity.
If the field is blank, Go To invokes the Create activity.

Go To Menu for Component-Based Programs
All of the related views take the record you are currently using as the base for the information. So if you are viewing a particular customer’s record, you can simply click the Go To to see the customer’s balance and open invoices.
Note: Go Tos are enabled only when:
The corresponding function is an activity, not a standard program.
The user has security permission to the linked activity.