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The Attach menu is available for both program types. You can also use Attachment Maintenance to create attachments for specific fields in non-component based programs. This function is described in Administration Guide: QAD .NET User Interface.
Attach lets you attach any type of document—such as a Microsoft Word file, graphics file, or PDF—to a record within the application. This integration ensures that all required documentation is immediately accessible when needed. You can attach and view any type of file if the corresponding viewing software is available on the client.
A copy of the attached document is stored in the system database, which means that the document will always be available and consistent with the application data. This storage facility ensures that the feature is very secure. However, the storage facility is not suitable for very large objects of over a gigabyte. If your system contains a large number of records with attachments, you must consider the effect of these objects on the available database space. In other application modules, you can link documents to objects by means of a URL or a Universal Naming Convention (UNC).
Example: Use the Attach option to associate a summary of a customer’s business activities with a customer record or attach a PDF of an invoice to a supplier invoice record.
If you have set up the Scan daemon, you can poll a directory for documents to attach to new records and have the system send work objects to the Inboxes of designated users. For example, the Scan daemon can create a new supplier invoice record, attach a scanned PDF to it, and send a link to the Inboxes of all members of the AP clerk role. When a user clicks on the link, the Supplier Invoice Create screen opens with the scanned document automatically attached.
See User Guide: QAD System Administration for more details about the Scan daemon.
To create a new attachment manually, choose the Attach menu option to display a dialog for selecting the file to attach.

Document Attach
When you click Attach, a standard Windows Open dialog displays so you can select the document you want to attach. The number of attached documents displays in the menu. To see the attachments, click the chevron in the top bar on the screen. Each linked document displays in this view and can be removed if necessary.