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Saving and Browsing Drafts
The Save as Draft and Browse Drafts options are available for component-based programs only and must be enabled in Change System Settings. These settings are described in User Guide: QAD System Administration.
When Save as Draft is enabled, you can save selected records without completing all the validations required to ensure that the record is complete. You can then finish adding data to the record at a later time by using the Browse Drafts option to find the incomplete record.
Only the following subset of components provides the ability to save unfinished records as drafts to be completed and approved later:
Banking Entry
Business Relation
Petty Cash
Customer Invoice
Finance Charge
Journal Entry
Supplier Invoice
Save as Draft
Selecting Save as Draft displays the following dialog.

Save as Draft
The Activity field has a value based on the activity you invoked the Save options from. You can specify reference text to identify the draft record. The system supplies a default number, but you should give the draft a name that will help you or others recognize it easily.
When Shared is selected, other users can update the record; otherwise, only you can complete the record and change its draft status.
Browse Drafts
Selecting Customer Browse Drafts opens the Draft Customer Search screen. Use this screen to select, open, and finalize draft instances that you or other users have created. Drafts created by other users are available only if they selected the Shared field when saving the draft.

Draft Customer Search