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Extended Program Button Labels
For improved usability of selected program screens, the Back button is labeled End Lines when you get to the Line Number field. When you are on the format field, the Back button is now Trailer (or End if there is no trailer section). The Next button is labeled Lines. Programs that include these buttons include the following:
Requisition Maintenance (5.2.3, rqrqmt.p)
Purchase Order Maintenance (5.7, popomt.p)
Blanket Order Maintenance (5.3.1, poblmt.p)
Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1, sqqomt.p)
Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1, sosomt.p)
Pending Invoice Maintenance (7.13.1, soivmt.p)
Material Order Maintenance (11.11.1, fseomt.p)