Programs in QAD .NET UI > Creating Custom Links
Creating Custom Links
The QAD .NET UI lets you customize the interface by adding links on a program screen that let you access other programs.
To add links on a program screen to another program, complete the following steps:
1 Open the program you want to update.
2 Choose Go To|Add Link at the top of the program screen. The User Tool Maintenance screen displays in a separate browser window.
Specify your user ID if you want the program links to display only when you execute the parent program. Alternatively, leave the field blank to create a generic record of settings. This generic record is automatically associated with every user in the system who does not have a user-specific record.
3 Enter the name of the program where you want the link to display. Leave Program blank to add the link to all programs that do not already have a user-specific record.
4 Click Next to continue.
5 In the Exec field, enter the name of the program you want to execute when you click a link.
6 In the Label field, specify a text string to appear in the link area. If you leave this field blank, the standard menu description from Menu System Maintenance (36.4.4) is used.
7 Leave the Image field blank. Images do not apply in the QAD .NET UI.
8 For the changes to take effect, close the program you are updating and then reopen it.