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Sending Program Links by E-mail
You can send QAD .NET UI program links in an e-mail using the Email feature:
1 Open a program. For example, open Sales Order Maintenance (7.1.1).
2 From the Actions pull-down menu, choose Email.
Alternatively, right-click in the program screen and choose Email from the pop-up menu.
3 A pop-up Information window informs you that a URL to the program will be copied to the clipboard. Click OK.
4 Your default email client program launches, opening a new e-mail for you to compose. By default, the subject of the e-mail is the name of the QAD .NET UI program.
5 In the body of the e-mail message, paste the URL to the program from the clipboard (for instance, enter Ctrl+V). Note that if a record was selected when you created the link, the program opens with that record selected when the recipient clicks on the link.
Note: Your default e-mail client is defined in the browser Tools|Internet Options|Programs setting. You can also set the e-mail program from the QAD .NET UI using Tools|Internet Options.