Programs in QAD .NET UI > Programs in Terminal Mode Only
Programs in Terminal Mode Only
Some programs are only available in Terminal mode, which emulates the Character UI within the .NET UI. You navigate the program in the same way as in the Character UI. The following programs are only available in Terminal mode:
Accounts Not To Convert Maint
AP Integrity Report
Archive File Reload
Call Queue Manager
Change Deferred/Accrued Accounts
CIM Data Load Process Monitor
Combined Integrity Checks
Compile Programs
Convert Ship Qty in Ship UM
Count Program
Create Records for Printer Output
Database Connect
Database Disconnect
Database Table Size Inquiry
Debug CIM Document
Dump Export/Import Doc for Edit
End User Time Zone Change Util
Escalation Monitor
Exit to Operating System
Export/Import Document Query
Field Eligibility Maintenance
Fixed Asset Maintenance
Fixed Assets Integrity Report
GL Integrity Report
GLRW Mismatch A/C Code
Initial Euro Exchange Rate Copy
Inventory Integrity Report
License Registration
Multiple Time Zones Startup Util
PO Integrity Report
Process Import Documents
Program Level
Program/Text File Display
Receive Import Documents
Reload Edited Export/Import Doc
Required Ship Schedule Update
Send Export Documents
Sequence Maintenance
Server Time Zone Change Util
Set Multiple BOL Print Utility
Ship-From to AR
Trading Partner Library Load
Trading Partner Library Unload
WIP Integrity Report