Browses in QAD .NET UI
Browses in QAD .NET UI
The QAD .NET UI lets you use browses using advanced features of  .NET technology. This section describes using browses in the QAD .NET UI.
This section covers the following topics:
Introduction to Browses
Introduces browses in the QAD .NET UI.
Using Browse Menu Options
Describes how to use browses in the QAD .NET UI.
Working with Browse Results
Describes how to manage and maintain browse results.
Browse Maintenance
Describes the Browse Maintenance program, which includes a new graphical tool for creating, editing, duplicating, and deleting browses.
Using Browse Chart Designer
Describes how to use the chart designer feature to generate graphical representations of data.
Creating Browse Operational Metrics
Describes Operational Metrics, which let you create visible metrics from browse data.
Creating Excel Output from Browses
Describes how to export browse data to Excel.
Integrating with Microsoft Excel
Describeds advanced integration with Excel.
Accessing Links in Browses
Describes how to setup browse data columns links.
Browse URL Maintenance
Describes how to create URL links that users can activate from QAD .NET browses using Browse URL Maintenance.
Browse Link Maintenance
Describes how to define browse program links using Browse Link Maintenance.
Browse Collections
Describes browse collections, which feature a main browse displayed with related programs and browses.