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Introduction to Browses
Browses display selected data in the form of a table. Column headings are field labels; rows are field values. The field values in a browse come from any table in the QAD Enterprise Applications schema. A browse includes selected values from one table or several joined tables.
Non-Component Based Browses
There are two types of non-component based browse:
Look-Up Browses. A look-up browse returns the value you select to the active field in the calling program. By default, it returns the field value of the first column. Look-up browses can display and sort up to seven columns of fields. Look-up browses cannot filter, graph, or print data. For example, when you select the lookup for purchase orders in Purchase Order maintenance, you launch a lookup browse of Purchase Order Master.

Purchase Order Lookup Browse
Power Browses. A power browse can filter, graph, and print data. Any column can be sorted, and the first ten columns can be filtered. Power browses are available as menu options in the Applications area, for example, Sales Order Browse (7.1.2), Purchase Order Browse (5.8). When attached to a field, power browses are called drill-downs. Drill-downs return a selected value to the active field of a calling program.
Example of Sales Order Browse
The New and Edit menu bar options are only available for non-component based browses. See Navigating in Browses.
Component-Based Browses
Component-based browses are launched when you view, modify, or delete a record created with a component-based activity. For example, Supplier Invoice View (, Supplier Invoice Modify (, and Supplier Invoice Delete ( all launch browses, in which you select the record on which you want to perform the activity.

Supplier Invoice Browse for Modify
Other component activities for which you want to select a record also launch browses. For example, there are also browses for Supplier Invoice Allocate (, Supplier Invoice Approve (, and Supplier Invoice Reverse (
You also launch browses from lookup fields in component-based screens.

Supplier Invoice, Credit Terms Lookup
The Stored Searches browse option is only available for component-based browses. See Stored Searches.