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Summarizing Results
The Summary right-click option lets you display summary information, depending on the column header in which you have clicked.
Note: You must be able to view all the records on the screen page to enable the Summary option. If there are more records than can be displayed, set the Records per Page field to All.
Example: By right-clicking the BC Amount column in the results grid for Supplier Invoice Browse, you can display the following summary information:
Displays a total sum of the invoice amounts
Displays the number of invoice records
Displays the average of the invoice amounts.
Displays the lowest invoice amount.
Displays the maximum invoice amount.
Note: You only see meaningful results if the operator you choose applies to the data type. For example, applying the average operator to a date column does not produce a meaningful result.
Minimum and maximum are useful with dates, and summary and average with numeric fields.

Results Columns Option
Summary is also available within Financials grids. For example, if you select the Tax tab on a supplier invoice, and right-click Columns while on a column header, you have the option to select a Summary type for the column.

Summary Option, Financials Grid
You can then display a summary for the individual column.