Browses in QAD .NET UI > Working with Browse Results > Grouping Results
Grouping Results
Use the right-click Group option to group data by column type. The grid now displays a summary of the column data, with the different elements sorted into groups.
Each group in the list can be expanded—to view the details of individual elements—using the plus sign next to the group.
You can also add other columns to the grid to create a group hierarchy.
Group Hierarchy illustrates a GL BC Balances browse in which the GL Description, GL Account, and System Type columns have been selected to form a hierarchy.

Group Hierarchy
The browse data is now grouped by GL Description, GL Account, and then by System Type. Ungroup the data by dragging the column headers back into the result list.
Note: The group options that you have configured are saved automatically in your last used settings, and can be reused when you open this browse again. You can also save these options as a stored search.
The column header menu also has a Properties option, which shows the internal field name that, in most cases, also matches the database field name.