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Results Grid Options
The results grids for both component and non-component based browses have right-click options.
For non-component based browses, blue underlined text indicates values where you can drill-down for additional details. Right-click any value to display a list of associated links: either a more detailed browse, a related program, or an external Web page. See Accessing Links in Browses for details about the kinds of links available in browse data fields.

Browse Results Drill-Down
For component-based browses, there are additional drill-down and configuration options for individual records, but not individual fields. For example, when you right-click a grid line in the Supplier Invoice Browse for Modify browse, you can select a supplier invoice activity to apply to this record.

Component-Based Browse Right-Click
There are two additional component-based options: Dump XML and Force Publish.
Dump XML
The right-click Dump XML option on results grids lets you export selected lines to an XML file for analysis.
Specify a filename and location in the Dump Location field. The XML file is stored on the server on which the appserver is running. The option lets you specify which fields to include in the dump file, and is described in more detail in User Guide: QAD System Administration.

Dump XML
Force Publish
The Force Publish option is used with event publishing and the Event daemon. When you have configured event publishing, which enables changes to master data to be published and synchronized with other external systems, the Event daemon only processes events when a change has taken place. This option lets you publish events at any stage, and is described in more detail in User Guide: QAD System Administration.