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Creating Excel Output from Browses
All browse data can be exported to Excel. Component-based browses can also be exported to Excel, edited, and re-imported as Enterprise Financials data. See Integrating with Microsoft Excel.
1 Click the Export to Excel button.
2 The export creates three worksheets in an Excel workbook, which is opened for display.
Example of Export to Excel
This page contains the actual data columns and headings from the printed browse.
Search Conditions
This page displays any search conditions used to filter the printed data. The conditions listed are field name, operator, value, and, for a range operation, the ending value.
This page lists details about the report generation including the ID of the user generating the report, the date the report was generated, the name of the browse, and the browse program.
Note: If you have grouped data in the browse, the grouping is preserved in Excel as a collapsible outline.
After exporting to Excel, you can use the Excel chart features to create visual displays of your data, such as a pie chart showing quantity on hand of various inventory items.