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Creating a Template to Export to Excel
This option creates a blank spreadsheet for maintenance that contains the relevant fields as column headings. You use the template to add your own data and import it, which creates new records in the system.
This is similar to the previous activity, but you do not load existing system data. It is recommended to load one existing record from the database that can be used as an example of how to fill the fields. To do this, load all records and then delete all except one from the grid.
1 Choose the Excel Integration activity for a supported business component such as customer.
The system displays the blank grid consisting of the data fields as column headings.
2 Right-click on the blank grid and choose Export to Excel for Maintenance.
3 Open your spreadsheet in Excel and make your modifications.
Important: You must leave the first column with the <component name>_ID field blank. The system supplies the IDs when you import the data.

Blank Spreadsheet Exported for Maintenance
4 Save your spreadsheet and import the data into the application, as described in Import Modified Data from Excel on here.