Browses in QAD .NET UI > Accessing Links in Browses > Links to External Web Sites
Links to External Web Sites
For example, a supplier Web site associated with a supplier ID or to an intranet resource, such as a document containing the design specifications for an item.
Right-click to display the list of links; select one to launch a new browser window and display the intranet or Internet resource to which that URL refers.
For example, the supplier ID field in the Supplier Browse is associated with a URL link to that supplier’s company Web site. When you right-click the supplier ID underlined in blue text, you can choose the URL to launch. This automatically launches a Web browser to display the supplier’s Web site.
Links to Other Menu-Level Programs
These links let you use browses as a means of navigating directly to maintenance programs while passing specific data values to them. Right-clicking and selecting one of these links opens the program from within the browse and fills in any fields that are part of the link. The program launches in a split-screen subtab below the browse. You can use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to select new drill items as listed in the browse if the Cancel transaction on drill change option in Tools|Options is True (the default).
When you close the browse, the program in the split-screen subtab also closes. For example, the supplier ID field in the Supplier Browse is associated with a link to Supplier Maintenance. Right-clicking this supplier ID, underlined in blue text, displays available links. Selecting Supplier Maintenance automatically launches Supplier Maintenance with the currently selected supplier ID filled in so you can make any required updates.
While in Supplier Maintenance, you can use the down arrow to choose the next supplier ID (or use the up arrow to choose the previous one) as listed in the browse without having to go to the browse itself to select the next supplier ID.
More than one browse, URL, or program link can be associated with a browse field. Right-click in a cell or column containing links to display a list of all the links associated with that cell or column.