Browses in QAD .NET UI > Browse URL Maintenance
Browse URL Maintenance
Use Browse URL Maintenance ( to create URL links that users can activate from QAD .NET browses. For more information, see Accessing Links in Browses.
When a browse cell contains a URL link, double-clicking it launches a new browser window and displays the intranet or Internet resource associated with the URL. You can use these URLs in two ways:
Create links to external Web sites that users can activate from QAD .NET browses, such as a supplier Web site associated with a supplier ID.
Create links to other programs and pass specific data values to the programs. This lets you use browses as a means of navigating directly to maintenance programs.
You can access links to other programs only from drill-down browses, not lookups. Drill-down browses are typically available directly from the menus, but can also be associated with program fields in Drill Down/Lookup Maintenance (36.20.1).
Note: When using Browse URL Maintenance, and Drill Down/Lookup Maintenance, you need to identify the field name associated with a field. What you see on the screen is the field label and not the field name. To find out the field name for a program field, place the cursor in the field and enter Ctrl+F. To find out the field name of a browse column, place the cursor in the column heading, right-click, and choose Properties.