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Defining Links from Browses to Programs
Use Browse URL Maintenance ( to create links to other programs. In Browse URL Maintenance, you can use the QAD Shell URL (qadsh:\\) as the URL or use the run-HTML string URL.
run_HTML String URL
This section describes how to use the run_html string URL to create a link to other programs from a browse.
For example, you can set up links in an item browse to directly access Item Master Maintenance (1.4.1), passing the current item number to the maintenance program, and executing the Next command any number of times. When a user clicks the link, Item Master Maintenance displays in a detached window. Multiple columns of data in a browse can contain links so that you can access maintenance programs for any data related to a record. However, data for only one field can be passed to each program.
To support this kind of URL link, use the run_html setting to indicate that you want to build a URL for programs. The string must include the beginning and ending indicators required for other strings in URLs:
Enter #b# to indicate the beginning of the string.
Enter #e# to indicate the end of the string.
Then specify values that determine:
The name of the program to be executed when a user clicks the link.
The field in the designated program to which you want to supply a value. You can specify up to five fields.
The value to be passed to the specified field.
The number of times the Next command should be executed in order to reach the field
You can also use the HTTP Parameters frame to automatically create the build command. To build the URL, leave the URL and URL Script fields blank and click Next to display the HTTP Parameters frame, in which you enter the values required:

Browse URL Maintenance, HTTP Parameters
Field Name
User ID
Field Name
Leave Blank
Link to Item Master Maintenance
Program Name
In this case, the system builds the URL including the run_html setting using the values you supply.
The URL that the system builds based on these input values looks like the following example:
When the user clicks item 01053 in the sobr009.p browse, Item Master Maintenance is displayed with 01053 entered in the Item Number field and the active cursor focus in the Name field below it.
Auto Next Field
Select this field to have up/down arrow keys applied to the first field. When the program supports this, it will allow the first frame of data to be populated on launch of the program.