Process Maps in QAD .NET UI > Using the Process Viewer
Using the Process Viewer
The Process Viewer displays process maps, which are graphical representations for workflows.
The process maps display the workflows you need to follow as you use the system. Process maps can link to programs, browses, documents, or other process maps.
When you open a process map from the menu system, the Process Viewer launches and displays the map. For example, in the Applications pane, navigate to Processes | Process Maps and click Supply Chain View to view the Supply Chain Process Model map.
Next, click any of the ovals (or, nodes) in the Supply Chain View map to go to other maps. For example, click the Forecasting node to view the Forecasting Sales map.
Process map nodes can include tool tips that pop up when you move your cursor across a node.
To resize the display of a process map, use the resize (indicated as a percentage) slider or the Auto Resize checkbox, both located near the upper-right corner of the viewer.
On the upper-left, the following options are available:
Edit Process. Click this button to access menus for customizing the process map. For more information, see Editing Process Maps from the Process Viewer.
Process Label Maintenance. Click this button to get a listing of all the process map labels. These are the labels for all the text on the process maps. For more information, see Process Label Maintenance.
Add To Favorites. Click this button to add the process map to your Favorites pane.
Print. Click this button to print the process map.