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Process Map Configuration Settings
Starting with QAD .NET UI 2013 – Enterprise Edition, the process map viewer, editor, and related components are installed on the home server as a stand-alone web application named pronav (tomcat/webapps/pronav). The following settings in the client session configuration file (client-session.xml) specify the default configuration:
<!-- Process map settings -->
Previously, the process viewer and editor were in /tomcat/webapps/<environment> and the process map content was in /tomcat/webapps/<environment>/WEB-INF/pronav.
Now, process maps are included in an environment named pronav (/tomcat/webapps/pronav) by default. A benefit of this approach is that you can now define a single process map installation that can be shared across multiple environments.
Note: The configuration setting for the process map images (QAD_IMG), set in Administration | Process Admin, requires a fully qualified domain name. The settings include a QAD_PMAP_ROOT setting to specify the URL to the process map installation (, and then the QAD_IMG setting is {QAD_PMAP_ROOT}images/.