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Defining Program Information
The program information table contains a record for each menu-level program, defining characteristics that affect the way it runs. Each program in the QAD .NET UI must have a record both in Menu System Maintenance (36.4.4) and in Program Information Maintenance ( In addition to menu-level Desktop programs, lookups must be defined in order for the look-up icon to display next to a field in an Desktop screen.
Note: Reports created using the Report Resource Designer do not require an entry in Program Information Maintenance.
Program information records are loaded with other default data during system installation and can be viewed in Program Information Maintenance or Program Information Browse ( You must manually create records for any custom programs that you want users to be able to access from the QAD .NET UI.
The following table lists the default settings for different program types.
Program Type
Web Logic Implemented
Browses, lookups
Special Desktop programs such as Browse Maintenance and Kanban workbenches
Desktop reports and inquiries
Desktop maintenance programs
The Multi Domain field indicates a program that updates data that applies to all domains in a database. When this is set to Yes, the string All Domains displays in the Menu Properties window for the associated menu program. Otherwise, the domain name displays.
Appropriate default settings for the Multi Domain field are set during installation. For example, generalized codes apply to each domain separately so Multi Domain is set to No by default for Generalized Codes Maintenance (36.2.13). Country codes apply to the database as a whole so Multi Domain is set to Yes by default for Country Code Maintenance (2.14.1).
You can update the setting for your custom programs or change it if you want the current working domain to continue to display even when a user is updating a table that applies across domains. This change affects what displays on the UI only. The program continues to update data for all domains.
Adding Records
To execute a program from the QAD .NET UI menus, add a record to Program Information Maintenance for each custom program.
If you want to create records for a number of programs at once, use Program Information Update ( to scan them and automatically create records.
To create program information records:
1 Enter a custom program name.
2 Indicate if this program updates data for all domains in the database.
3 Click Next to continue.
4 Set Web Logic Implemented to Yes if this is a browse written according to QAD standards. Set Web Logic Implemented to No if this is a maintenance program, report, or inquiry.
5 Leave the Type field blank for a browse. Specify Desktop for a maintenance program, report, or inquiry.
Adding Records Automatically for Custom Programs
Use Program Information Update ( to automatically add records for custom programs to Program Information Maintenance. Use this utility as an alternative to adding records manually. It is especially useful for initially populating records with referenced tables.