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Disabling Browse Total Count Thread
The <MaximumBrowseRecordsToCount> configuration setting in the client session configuration file (client-session.xml) limits the total count of records for browses, which controls excessive database server load if the query corresponds to a large set of records. (The default is 50,000 records.)
However, counting the records can also have a performance impact. Generally, the greater the number of records that satisfy the query, the longer it takes for the count to complete. In some cases, the count operation can pose such a demand on system resources that disabling it might be warranted. Custom browses (defined using Browse Maintenance) can include pre- and post-processor logic that can cause the total count thread to impact performance, since the logic would have to be executed across the entire data set to count the records properly. In such cases, you can either change the logic of the custom browses or disable the total count thread for the system.
To disable the total count thread, set <MaximumBrowseRecordsToCount> to a value less than or equal to zero (for instance, 0 or -1).