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Attachment Maintenance
As a system administrator, you can use Attachment Maintenance to specify which programs can have attachments and can control attachment display. This option also lets you define multiple attachment areas for programs, in which you can define different attachments for different program fields. Attachment Maintenance uses a drag-and-drop facility, which means you can drag and drop attachments (such as product pictures, or text files or spreadsheets containing contact phone numbers) onto the attachment area from your desktop or Windows folder.
Once you have defined an attachment for a field in a program, an attachment area is created for that field, and is visible when you run the program. You can define attachments for a field (for example, for Sales Order Number) or for a value for a field (for example, SO1234). When the attachments you define are linked to the field value you select, and are available when you select that field value in another program. For example, when you add contact phone numbers as a text file to the site 10000 in Purchase Order Maintenance, the attachment is visible and accessible on screen when you select this site while creating a sales order in Sales Order Maintenance.
The attachments you define in Attachment Maintenance can be deleted from within the program, and can be replaced with another attachment.
When you define an attachment for a field in the initial frame of a program, for example, for Sales Order in sosont.p, the attachment area is visible throughout the program. If, however, you define an attachment in a subsequent frame of the program, for example, for the field Item in Sales Order Maintenance, the attachment area is visible only when the field is on-screen.

Attachments Areas on Purchase Order Maintenance