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Configuring Terminal Script Parameters
With the User Option Telnet Maintenance program, you can specify the login scripts that initiate the telnet sessions for running the terminal mode programs in the QAD .NET UI. Each line in a telnet login script is a single record containing a combination of three values: pattern, value, and status. Use the Script Pattern, Script Value, and Script Status fields to enter these values to generate as many script lines as needed. For the Script Value, after specifying the script file, you can include the following parameters:
${d} – Domain
${u} – User ID
${e} – Entity
${c} – Code Page
Any number of these can be included, with each separated by a space. For example:
/dr01/scripts/telnet.ksh ${d} ${u} ${e} ${c}
These will then be available in the telnet script as standard parameters (${1} ${2} ${3} ${4}).