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Configuring Terminal Encoding By Domain
You can have terminal encoding change dynamically based on the domain’s code page as follows:
1 Use the ${c} parameter in User Option Telnet Maintenance’s Script Value field (see Configuring Terminal Script Parameters). For example:
/dr01/scripts/telnet.ksh ${c}
2 Add a <TerminalEncodingMap> section to the client session configuration file (client-session.xml) with <CodePage> elements for each code page for the domains. For example:
<CodePage Progress="iso8859-1">iso-8859-1</CodePage>
<CodePage Progress="1251">windows-1251</CodePage>
The value in the Progress attribute is the code page specification recognized by Progress 4GL (that is, the value assigned to the domain). The value within the <CodePage> elements is the value used by the terminal. (Note the commented section in the client-session.xml file that specifies these mappings, which can be used as a reference to create these entries.)
3 Restart the QAD .NET UI so that the changes can take effect.