Configuring System Environments > Client Bootstrap Configuration File
Client Bootstrap Configuration File
The client bootstrap configuration file defines parameters for the QAD .NET UI client that apply to all system environments associated with the home server (TomcatInstallDir/webapps/qadhome).
Some configuration parameters must be resolved prior to the selection of a system environment. These parameters are identified as bootstrap only and apply to all system environments for the home server. The other parameters can be configured on a system environment basis by commenting or removing the definition from the client bootstrap configuration file and adding definitions in the various client session configuration files for each system environment.
The variable ${installation/directory} expands to the directory in which the executing instance of the QAD .NET UI is installed.
${[pluginkey]/installation/directory} identifies the directory in which a specific plugin is installed.
All other variable references are resolved first as configuration parameter references and if not resolved as environmental variables on the client.
By default, the client bootstrap file is located in TomcatInstallDir/webapps/qadhome/configurations/
File Usage
The client bootstrap file must be placed in the /configurations/default directory, as follows:
File Format
The client bootstrap configuration file’s top-level XML element is <Configuration>, which then includes the elements listed in the next section.
File Elements
Specifies a threshold limiting the type of information that will be logged for all logging contexts in which a threshold has not been set (OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG). Bootstrap only.
Specifies the location of the file on the client where logging output should be written. Value type: file system path. Bootstrap only.
Specifies the maximum size of the log file in kilobytes. When the maximum size is reached, the log file is renamed as a backup and a new log file is created. Value type: integer. Bootstrap only.
Specifies the number of log file backups that should be retained. When the maximum number of backups is reached, the oldest log file backup is deleted. Value type: integer. Bootstrap only.
When true, application styling is enabled. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.
Specifies the location of a file that configures the look and feel of the application. Value type: file system path. Bootstrap only.
When true, changes to the style file will be automatically reapplied. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.
Specifies the directory on the client where local state may be stored where ${APPDATA} resolves to the user-specific %APPDATA% environment variable.Value type: file system path. Bootstrap only.
Specifies a URI locating a WebDAV service where shared state may be stored. Value type: URI. Bootstrap only.
When true, the version of the installed client will be compared with the version of the client available on the configuration server. If the configuration server has a newer version available, the user will be prompted to update their local installation. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.
When false, a check will be made to see if the client is already running on the target computer. If it is, the user will be notified, and the existing instance will be activated. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.
When true, a navigation bar will be displayed on the bottom of the application with a button for each enabled workspace. Clicking on a button switches the active workspace to the workspace represented by the button. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.
Controls whether performance metrics will be collected and printed to the log file. May be set to true or false, or to an integer value that specifies a threshold in milliseconds to limit the output to timed tasks whose duration was equal to or greater than the threshold. Value type: boolean or integer. Bootstrap only.
Specifies that a plugin deployed on the client that should not be initialized. Multiple plugins can be disabled by repeating this configuration. Value type: plugin key. Bootstrap only.
Allows the client to continue even if configuration errors are reported. Value type: boolean (true or false). Bootstrap only.