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Assigning Configurable Screen Templates
A set of changes to a particular program’s user interface is stored as a template. Templates are then assigned to user groups. In QAD Enterprise Applications - Standard Edition, groups are defined in User Group Maintenance (36.3.4) and then assigned to users in User Maintenance (36.3.1). The system displays all groups defined in User Group Maintenance. In addition, you can assign a generic template to all users. The system activates a template assigned to all users only when a specific template is not assigned to users, based on their group membership.
Specific group assignments always take precedence over generic templates. However, it is still possible for a user to belong to more than one group with different assigned templates. In this case, the system chooses the template based on an internal identifier, which might not be what is wanted or expected. However, the UI Template Conflicts screen allows the administrator to specify the template.
The system also provides a UI Template Conflicts administrative function that lets you view UI template assignment conflicts and manually determine which template should be used
When you design your templates, you should plan how you want to assign users and determine if your existing groups accommodate the way you want to develop your templates. Since security groups often reflect functional responsibility within an organization, they typically already represent different views of an organization that can be supported by different templates. However, you may find that you need to add new groups to be able to use templates to the best advantage in your particular implementation.