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Impact of System Changes to Configurable Screens
UI templates are based on the order and organization of a specific user interface. Certain changes to screens can invalidate existing UI templates, resulting in unexpected behavior during execution. These changes include:
Key fields are added or removed.
The initial focus field or the first field of a frame is changed. These fields are points of reference for other field information in the template.
The internal Progress frame name is changed.
The location of a frame on the screen is changed; for example, moving a frame from the top of the screen to the bottom. This changes the x and y coordinates of the frame, which are used as location identifiers.
These types of changes are not common.
You should be aware of possible UI impacts when:
You customize any supported programs.
You install QAD service packs or upgrade QAD releases.
Be sure to check the release notes provided with the release or service pack to see if these kinds of program changes occurred.
The following kinds of UI changes do not adversely affect UI templates:
Adding or removing fields from frames, other than the initial focus field or first field mentioned previously.
Adding or removing frames.
Changing the sequence that frames appear as long as the frames remain in the same screen location.